5 Amazing Tips for a DIY Move

“It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project.” – Napoleon Hill


Moving can be overly expensive especially if you’re hiring topnotch movers but, there is always an option for a DIY move. Most DIY movers save up to seventy percent than those who hire professional movers. Sometimes, you don’t need a professional to get things done especially if you’re on a tight budget.

However, the thought of packing massive amount of stuff can be overwhelming and a bit confusing. Just the thought of saving a lot of money can easily make us feel motivated.

So here are some lovely tips to help you start off:

Be an Early Bird


Start packing as early as you can for maybe at least four to six weeks beforehand. If you have a lot of time to pack, you can organize your stuff well and you can carefully pack them as well. Take your time and avoid rushing. Packing days before your move would just be a complete mess. Sloppy packaging would just damage your stuff and end up in more losses.

Learn the Art of Purging


Purge. Never keep items that would just take up to much space on your new home. For example, a large section sofa that wont fit in. Also, it’s not advisable to keep holding on to things that you never use. Open up a garage sale and earn additional cash for buying new furnishings at your new location. Or you could donate old things to people who badly need them. Works wonders.


It’s All About the Box


Choose boxes that can withstand hours of stacking. Never go for soft boxes which easily get crushed for your items would just get damaged. Try to buy boxes from your local moving companies and storage facilities which are more suitable for moving. Big boxes might look useful because of their large capacity but are more difficult to hoist into trucks. Go for small and mid-sized ones.

Pack By Room


You can pack by room starting with the room that you use the least. You can allot a day for each room if you want. Pack things you seldom use everyday such as books, artwork and others. Also, pack similar items together for easy labeling and sorting. For example, you can group kitchen items together in one box or some of your decors in your living room. Color coding is great for you can easily match the colors for each room.


Rope and Straps


A bumpy road would be bad news for unsecured items. Use rope and straps to secure your stuff as you load them into the truck. Always place heavy items and big boxes at the bottom. If possible, load them near the front of the truck as well.


It may seem to be a lot of work to do a DY move but the results of your efforts will be all worthwhile. Save thousands of dollars and mange your stuff wisely. Nothing can give a more sense of satisfaction from doing it by yourself.

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