Advantages Of Using A Dry Boat Storage

If you plan to go for a long vacation away from your house then you have your boat there not to be used by any family members, so using a dry boat storage is suggested. It is more affordable and low-maintenance alternative rather than leaving your boat being exposed to the harsh environmental elements. Your boat is stored in a safe and secured covered facility on a boat rack. One more good thing about it is that for just a simple call then your boat will be sitting in the water waiting for the whole family when you get there. If you are still in doubt, continue reading the below article because the 4 advantages of using a boat storage in Jacksonville, Florida will be discussed.


Protection against early physical damage

There is no need for regular cleaning, detailing and antifouling when storing your boat high and dry. This keeps it protected from the changing weather conditions especially during the winter season. Deterioration of your boat is also prevented because ultraviolet rays, dust cannot go in anymore in your boat when stored. Storing your boat in dry storage facility ensures that the value of your boat remains higher for a longer period of time.

Saves a lot of time and money

You don’t need to regularly move your boat from a ramp. Storing it in a dry boat storage will save you time and energy. You save all the money that you have otherwise spent on a trailer, fuel, and the assistance of a heavy duty towing vehicle. The overall costs of boat ownership are reduced significantly as well. You do not need to think of the maintenance that is very expensive like annual antifouling because your hull is not exposed any more to situations which cause corrosion and its growth.


Good for the environment

Using a dry boat storage facility is not only beneficial for you. Moving more boats out of the water indicates that there will be less oil, fuel, and sewage leaking into waterways. With this, it reduces the effect of toxic materials from antifouling paints.

Your boat’s security is guaranteed

You can protect your boat against theft or vandalism if you let it be stored in a boat storage facility. Theft or vandalism cannot be avoided once it’s up off the ground. Every dry storage facility is monitored by round-the-clock surveillance. This gives you peace of mind that your boat is always safe.

The video below is a sample of a boat storage.

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