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How Do You Choose Among The Moving Companies Huntsville Has To Offer?

If you ever find yourself moving from one place to another in the Huntsville area, you have two choices. You can either pack up everything you own, load into vehicles you own or borrow, drive it to your new residence, and then unload it all on your own with the help of friends and family. Or, you can choose from among the moving companies Huntsville’s market has to offer.

Benefits of hiring professionals

There are certainly many advantages to hiring a professional crew to help out or even handle things for you. You get professionals that are more than physically capable of handling the heavy lifting, and they can transport everything for you, often in one load in a truck with more than enough room to carry everything.

That can seem like a godsend if you’re facing a tight moving schedule with more things than you can imagine getting from one place to the next, but there are many caveats that you need to look out for.

For starters, it is important to make sure that both addresses are within the service radius of the Huntsville moving company that you have chosen. Some might have extended radii for an extra fee, but others might stick to their published boundaries.

Secondly, you need to find out if they do the loading and unloading. Some services among moving companies can provide are driver-only, meaning it’s for you to fill and empty the truck. Fortunately, many services do cover the actual packing, as they do this to maximize space in the truck and minimize potential damage to the load in transit.

Third, you need to find out specifics on schedule. Not being ready on time or taking too long to unpack mean extra charges, as the moving company might need you to have all non-furniture possessions packed up and ready to go when they roll up.

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Tips for Apartment Moving in Jacksonville


Moving to a new home is overwhelming and confusing at the same time. Same goes for when you’re moving across the street or to another apartment. However, there are some good ways to lessen your stress and keep a clear mind during the process. Here are some really good tips if ever you decide to change apartments:

Start packing early. It’s a bad idea to wait for several days before you pack your belongings. Pack early starting with seasonal items and least used stuff such as, books, pictures and so on.  You can pack your essential items lastly.

Pack an overnight bag for your essentials. Just imagine that you’re going on a trip and you need to pack some basic necessities such as toiletries, clothes, and so on.

A clear plastic bin for must-use-first items. You can put items that you need to use first when you move in such as eating utensils, toiletries and so on. Placing them in a clear plastic bin makes it easier for you see the items and you don’t need to go through  a pile of boxes.

apartment2Sell or donate unused items. A garage sale is a good way to get some extra cash that you can spend on your next home.  You can sell bulky furniture and use the money to buy new ones once you moved in. Or do a random act of kindness, you can donate unused items to friends or charities.

Set appointments in advance.
Whether you decide to seek the aid of your friends or hire the best apartment movers in Jacksonville, FL, you need to set up your schedule several weeks ahead. You can never be sure if the people you expect to help will be available at your scheduled move.

Be resourceful and use your clothes. Bubble wrap will just add up to your list of expenses. You can use your clothes or towels instead to wrap fragile items.

Zip small items. You can use ziploc bags to store small items such as screws, clamps and so on to avoid losing them. Use a marker to label the bags accordingly.

Take a photo of the wiring. If you’re not an IT person, then taking a photo of the wiring on your electronics is important. Take a shot of the back of your television, sound system and so on.

Bring important documents with you. Place your important papers in a folder and bring it with you. Never put it in the back of your moving vehicle. You need to avoid situations of identity theft and lost papers which can be quite tedious to reproduce.


Want some tips on finding the perfect apartment online? Check the video below:

Piano Moving 101 in Jacksonville

Moving alone is a difficult situation and if you’re moving along with your piano, it just becomes more complicated. Pianos are relatively heavy and bulky which just spells out trouble if you don’t know how to move it. Sometimes, you can injure yourself if you’re not too careful about it.


A grand piano can reach a massive weight of 1000 lbs or more.

How much do they weigh?

Pianos come in various sizes and shapes. It’s usually made of solid wood which can make it heavy. To give you an idea of how much they weigh, here are the average weight you can expect:

  • Small upright pianos normally weigh between 300 to 500 lbs.
  • Large upright pianos can weigh from 500 to 800 lbs.
  • Grand pianos seem to be the heaviest weighing up to 1000 lbs or even more.

Not only would you be concerned with their weight but also their bulkiness which can add up to the challenge.


Vulnerable to damage

Pianos are extremely delicate despite their sturdy exterior. It’s complicated inner parts can easily be damaged if you don’t properly move it which can result to your piano be completely out of tune..

Piano moving is complex and you might need the help of a Jacksonville moving company. But, if you’re up to the challenge of a DIY piano move, here are some useful tips you need to consider:



Set up your team

It’s impossible to move a piano alone so, you need the help of others such as your friends or family. Try to reach out to them if they’re going to be available on your scheduled move. You don’t really need people with great physique. At least 4 people would do the trick.

Dress accordingly

Moving a piano will leave you prone to injuries. You and your team should wear all the right clothes and shoes. Wear some comfy clothes and avoid baggy ones. You should also wear closed footwear to protect your feet. For additional protection, you can also wear work gloves.

Obtain the right equipment

You can’t start moving if you don’t have the right equipment to do so. Here are the things you need before the big move:

  • Moving dolly – You need an extra help from a moving dolly to do the job. You can try to rent them from your local movers.
  • Furniture straps – the strap will help you secure the piano and not pin all the weight on you.
  • Moving blankets– these can provide protection to both your piano and property.
  • Moving truck – you can use your own pick-up truck or rent a moving truck. It should have a ramp for convenient loading and unloading.


Prep the piano

  • You need to close the piano’s lid to protect its keys. You can lock it to keep it from opening or use some stretch tape to secure it.
  • Wrap the piano in moving blankets for protection. You can fix them in place using tape, rope or some straps.
  • Remove the metal casters found at the bottom of the piano. Never try to roll the piano on its casters because it would out your move into risk.


Steps to do the move

Moving a piano is no joke so, it’s necessary to be careful throughout the whole process. Here are some steps if you need to consider:

  • Plan your route and clear the pathway by removing obstacles all the way to the truck.
  • Communicate with your helpers and let them know their specific task is such as guiding the dolly. You can decide on what your distress signal is in case there are complications during the move.
  • Fix the straps underneath the piano and lift the piano to keep it in an upright position.
  • While the piano is still above the ground, slide one or two moving dollies until the piano is well balanced.
  • Secure the piano heavily with more straps to keep it immobilized during the move.
  • Start to wheel the piano according to your planned route. Go slowly and take some breaks in between to have a breather.
  • Upon reaching the moving truck, wheel the piano up the ramp and make sure it’s placed way back into the truck. Secure it with more ropes and straps to prevent it from moving.

If you think it’s a bit risky to do all these, it’s always an option to hire professional movers such as B&B Movers, an apartment moving company. They can make your experience more worry-free. Check out more about them below:

Advantages Of Using A Dry Boat Storage

If you plan to go for a long vacation away from your house then you have your boat there not to be used by any family members, so using a dry boat storage is suggested. It is more affordable and low-maintenance alternative rather than leaving your boat being exposed to the harsh environmental elements. Your boat is stored in a safe and secured covered facility on a boat rack. One more good thing about it is that for just a simple call then your boat will be sitting in the water waiting for the whole family when you get there. If you are still in doubt, continue reading the below article because the 4 advantages of using a boat storage in Jacksonville, Florida will be discussed.


Protection against early physical damage

There is no need for regular cleaning, detailing and antifouling when storing your boat high and dry. This keeps it protected from the changing weather conditions especially during the winter season. Deterioration of your boat is also prevented because ultraviolet rays, dust cannot go in anymore in your boat when stored. Storing your boat in dry storage facility ensures that the value of your boat remains higher for a longer period of time.

Saves a lot of time and money

You don’t need to regularly move your boat from a ramp. Storing it in a dry boat storage will save you time and energy. You save all the money that you have otherwise spent on a trailer, fuel, and the assistance of a heavy duty towing vehicle. The overall costs of boat ownership are reduced significantly as well. You do not need to think of the maintenance that is very expensive like annual antifouling because your hull is not exposed any more to situations which cause corrosion and its growth.


Good for the environment

Using a dry boat storage facility is not only beneficial for you. Moving more boats out of the water indicates that there will be less oil, fuel, and sewage leaking into waterways. With this, it reduces the effect of toxic materials from antifouling paints.

Your boat’s security is guaranteed

You can protect your boat against theft or vandalism if you let it be stored in a boat storage facility. Theft or vandalism cannot be avoided once it’s up off the ground. Every dry storage facility is monitored by round-the-clock surveillance. This gives you peace of mind that your boat is always safe.

The video below is a sample of a boat storage.

How to Find the Perfect Movers

“Don’t hire for the sake of hiring. Hire because there is no other way to do what you want to do.”  – Sam Altman

Sometimes, we feel not confident enough in doing a DIY move for the probability of making a lot of mistakes which can turn to a depressing turn of events. This is when we would hire the perfect people to do the job for us and also give us a sense of assurance along the way.

So, what do we need to do to find to right professional movers that we need? Here are some things that you need to consider:




As soon as you have a list of your prospect movers, do a background check. Check with Better Business Bureau if the company is certified or not. Also, you could check which has a blacklist of companies with a history of consumer complaints, as well as some helpful tips.  Another way is to check and verify if the company is licensed. Pull up the mover’s website or ask for a business card to check their address. Look up the listed address online or through the phonebook. Make sure that they are using a business address and be wary of residential ones. Being picky is important for you will put your money and valuables in their hands.


In-house Estimate


Always ask at least 3 companies to give you in-house estimates for their prices might vary. You could compare their prices and find that fits your budget. Moving to another and interstate may have different rules so always check with your mover for any binding agreement. Nonetheless, estimates for these movers are usually based on the duration and distance of the move.

Red Flags


During the in-house estimate, keep your eyes wide open for any red flags. Most reliable moving companies won’t ask for an initial cash deposit before your move. If you think that the mover seems to be money hungry, it might not be a legit one. Also, take note if they display any professional behaviors or not. If they’re tardy or not knowledgeable enough to answer your queries, look for another company ASAP.



People would always recommend those that they have a positive experience working with. Ask your friends, family or even your local real estate agents about their recommended movers. Don’t rely too much on websites that offer you the said services for you could never check their credibility. They could come up with fake reviews which can mislead you into putting their trust in them. You could actually visit the local office of the movers to get more ideas about their past clients.


Take extra caution in hiring because a lot of scammers have emerge in the market. Remember these helpful tips and try to find reliable movers. It doesn’t mean that you should necessarily go for topnotch movers but it’s about finding trustworthy fellows to help you make your move successful.

How to Come Up with the Ultimate Moving Date

“Not making a decision means forgoing an opportunity.” ― Auliq Ice

Moving is a stressful process and to make matters worse, sometimes we find ourselves undecided on the moving date. Making a move at a very inconvenient time would just add more stress not only to you but for other people affected. A successful move needs to be perfectly timed to reap the good results.


There are various factors that we need to consider in order to start a new chapter at a perfect time. Here are some of those things that you need to consider before you reach to a decision:



If you are renting your current your home, you’ll need to consider your lease or rent. If you’re finishing out your lease, you know you need to be out by the date on your agreement. Always check your lease agreement because you might discover some hidden penalties which you might incur during the move. Some agreements are strict and you need to adhere to them.

New Job?


If you have a new job during your relocation, consider your starting date. Take note of your first day at work for you need to be at your new home before that. It’s better to be at your new home at an earlier time for you to easily adapt to the new environment. You could also have time to get along with your neighbors which can ease off your stress and worries.



The whole move can get quite expensive so make sure you have enough money to go through with it. Most moving companies might charge more during weekends so, it might be better if you can do it on a weekday.  If you’re doing a DIY move, rental trucks may do the same. You could try to verify by calling or visiting their local office to give you a clear idea of expected costs.



If you have children who are still in school. you might want to put your move off until the end of the school year. Children might find it quite stressful to move in the middle of the year and difficult to adjust in a new environment. A new school means new friends, teachers and a new environment which could be too much for them to take.Try to also think about the needs of your kids if it will be emotionally exhausting for them or not.



Think about the people who would be available on that day to help you. Are you going to have friends and family to lend a hand during the move or would you book professional movers instead? Moving companies and rental trucks  can be booked in advanced so, you need to decide wisely when to move for them to be readily available during that time.


Picking the perfect moving date is one of the greatest life decisions that you would probably make. Just follow those simple tips above and everything would just go perfectly just as you planned it.


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