How to Come Up with the Ultimate Moving Date

“Not making a decision means forgoing an opportunity.” ― Auliq Ice

Moving is a stressful process and to make matters worse, sometimes we find ourselves undecided on the moving date. Making a move at a very inconvenient time would just add more stress not only to you but for other people affected. A successful move needs to be perfectly timed to reap the good results.


There are various factors that we need to consider in order to start a new chapter at a perfect time. Here are some of those things that you need to consider before you reach to a decision:



If you are renting your current your home, you’ll need to consider your lease or rent. If you’re finishing out your lease, you know you need to be out by the date on your agreement. Always check your lease agreement because you might discover some hidden penalties which you might incur during the move. Some agreements are strict and you need to adhere to them.

New Job?


If you have a new job during your relocation, consider your starting date. Take note of your first day at work for you need to be at your new home before that. It’s better to be at your new home at an earlier time for you to easily adapt to the new environment. You could also have time to get along with your neighbors which can ease off your stress and worries.



The whole move can get quite expensive so make sure you have enough money to go through with it. Most moving companies might charge more during weekends so, it might be better if you can do it on a weekday.  If you’re doing a DIY move, rental trucks may do the same. You could try to verify by calling or visiting their local office to give you a clear idea of expected costs.



If you have children who are still in school. you might want to put your move off until the end of the school year. Children might find it quite stressful to move in the middle of the year and difficult to adjust in a new environment. A new school means new friends, teachers and a new environment which could be too much for them to take.Try to also think about the needs of your kids if it will be emotionally exhausting for them or not.



Think about the people who would be available on that day to help you. Are you going to have friends and family to lend a hand during the move or would you book professional movers instead? Moving companies and rental trucks  can be booked in advanced so, you need to decide wisely when to move for them to be readily available during that time.


Picking the perfect moving date is one of the greatest life decisions that you would probably make. Just follow those simple tips above and everything would just go perfectly just as you planned it.


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