Piano Moving 101 in Jacksonville

Moving alone is a difficult situation and if you’re moving along with your piano, it just becomes more complicated. Pianos are relatively heavy and bulky which just spells out trouble if you don’t know how to move it. Sometimes, you can injure yourself if you’re not too careful about it.

A grand piano can reach a massive weight of 1000 lbs or more.

How much do they weigh?

Pianos come in various sizes and shapes. It’s usually made of solid wood which can make it heavy. To give you an idea of how much they weigh, here are the average weight you can expect:

  • Small upright pianos normally weigh between 300 to 500 lbs.
  • Large upright pianos can weigh from 500 to 800 lbs.
  • Grand pianos seem to be the heaviest weighing up to 1000 lbs or even more.

Not only would you be concerned with their weight but also their bulkiness which can add up to the challenge.


Vulnerable to damage

Pianos are extremely delicate despite their sturdy exterior. It’s complicated inner parts can easily be damaged if you don’t properly move it which can result to your piano be completely out of tune..

Piano moving is complex and you might need the help of a Jacksonville moving company. But, if you’re up to the challenge of a DIY piano move, here are some useful tips you need to consider:



Set up your team

It’s impossible to move a piano alone so, you need the help of others such as your friends or family. Try to reach out to them if they’re going to be available on your scheduled move. You don’t really need people with great physique. At least 4 people¬†would do the trick.

Dress accordingly

Moving a piano will leave you prone to injuries. You and your team should wear all the right clothes and shoes. Wear some comfy clothes and avoid baggy ones. You should also wear closed footwear to protect your feet. For additional protection, you can also wear work gloves.

Obtain the right equipment

You can’t start moving if you don’t have the right equipment to do so. Here are the things you need before the big move:

  • Moving dolly – You need an extra help from a moving dolly to do the job. You can try to rent them from your local movers.
  • Furniture straps – the strap will help you secure the piano and not pin all the weight on you.
  • Moving blankets– these can provide protection to both your piano and property.
  • Moving truck – you can use your own pick-up truck or rent a moving truck. It should have a ramp for convenient loading and unloading.


Prep the piano

  • You need to close the piano’s lid to protect its keys. You can lock it to keep it from opening or use some stretch tape to secure it.
  • Wrap the piano in moving blankets for protection. You can fix them in place using tape, rope or some straps.
  • Remove the metal casters found at the bottom of the piano. Never try to roll the piano on its casters because it would out your move into risk.


Steps to do the move

Moving a piano is no joke so, it’s necessary to be careful throughout the whole process. Here are some steps if you¬†need to consider:

  • Plan your route and clear the pathway by removing obstacles all the way to the truck.
  • Communicate with your helpers and let them know their specific task is such as guiding the dolly. You can decide on what your distress signal is in case there are complications during the move.
  • Fix the straps underneath the piano and lift the piano to keep it in an upright position.
  • While the piano is still above the ground, slide one or two moving dollies until the piano is well balanced.
  • Secure the piano heavily with more straps to keep it immobilized during the move.
  • Start to wheel the piano according to your planned route. Go slowly and take some breaks in between to have a breather.
  • Upon reaching the moving truck, wheel the piano up the ramp and make sure it’s placed way back into the truck. Secure it with more ropes and straps to prevent it from moving.

If you think it’s a bit risky to do all these, it’s always an option to hire professional movers such as B&B Movers, an apartment moving company. They can make your experience more worry-free. Check out more about them below:

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