Tips for Apartment Moving in Jacksonville


Moving to a new home is overwhelming and confusing at the same time. Same goes for when you’re moving across the street or to another apartment. However, there are some good ways to lessen your stress and keep a clear mind during the process. Here are some really good tips if ever you decide to change apartments:

Start packing early. It’s a bad idea to wait for several days before you pack your belongings. Pack early starting with seasonal items and least used stuff such as, books, pictures and so on.  You can pack your essential items lastly.

Pack an overnight bag for your essentials. Just imagine that you’re going on a trip and you need to pack some basic necessities such as toiletries, clothes, and so on.

A clear plastic bin for must-use-first items. You can put items that you need to use first when you move in such as eating utensils, toiletries and so on. Placing them in a clear plastic bin makes it easier for you see the items and you don’t need to go through  a pile of boxes.

apartment2Sell or donate unused items. A garage sale is a good way to get some extra cash that you can spend on your next home.  You can sell bulky furniture and use the money to buy new ones once you moved in. Or do a random act of kindness, you can donate unused items to friends or charities.

Set appointments in advance.
Whether you decide to seek the aid of your friends or hire the best apartment movers in Jacksonville, FL, you need to set up your schedule several weeks ahead. You can never be sure if the people you expect to help will be available at your scheduled move.

Be resourceful and use your clothes. Bubble wrap will just add up to your list of expenses. You can use your clothes or towels instead to wrap fragile items.

Zip small items. You can use ziploc bags to store small items such as screws, clamps and so on to avoid losing them. Use a marker to label the bags accordingly.

Take a photo of the wiring. If you’re not an IT person, then taking a photo of the wiring on your electronics is important. Take a shot of the back of your television, sound system and so on.

Bring important documents with you. Place your important papers in a folder and bring it with you. Never put it in the back of your moving vehicle. You need to avoid situations of identity theft and lost papers which can be quite tedious to reproduce.


Want some tips on finding the perfect apartment online? Check the video below:

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